About Me

Hey Y’ALL!

Welcome to Scenic Cliff notes, I am so thrilled that you’ve decided to visit the site! The launch of this blog is not some hairbrained dream to become a famous blogger. Rather, it derived from comments made on my social media sites from friends and family regarding the many places I have had the privilege to travel. It is designed for travelers who want to feel like a “local”, even when vacationing. Feel free to browse for new and fun ideas! I can promise that each post is chock-full of destination specific activities, restaurants and FYIs to help you make the most of your valuable time off. I might add that I travel with my lab mix, Danko, and have found the many places where he is welcome and some places where, unfortunately, he is not.  I will include notes on this subject too.

About Me:  My name is Ragan and I am a twenty something year old who has the pleasure of frequent travel. I am a born and raised native of the great southern state of Alabama, where tea is sweet and the people are even sweeter. I have two amazingly supportive parents and two older brothers (my first best friends). We grew up in a stereotypical small town-the type of town where all the neighborhood kids played sandlot baseball and searched for crawdads in the creek. In the summers, our mothers would kick us out of the house (for their own sanity of course) instructing us to come home when it was dark or if we were bleeding. In a nutshell, my childhood was the definition of pure, untainted innocence. After high school, I joined my brothers at a small private college, Samford University, where, 4 years later, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. I worked in central Alabama for a few years, specializing in Hematology/Oncology, before deciding it was time to leave the only home I’d ever known and begin the joyous journey of travel nursing.

And as they say (whoever they are), the rest is history! I hope you enjoy reading about my travels, and learning what I have to share. Please feel free to use any and all info to make your next vacation the best one yet!!

(NOTE:  I am not endorsed by ANY of the places I will share, I just loved them).


Happy Travels,


Ragan (and Danko)