The Evergreen State: Bainbridge Island

They say, “it’s all about who you know,” and they would be correct.

Just as Sadie showed me around Seattle, her mother Anna was sure to give me a non-traditional tour of Bainbridge Island. After trying out a few of her local suggestions and chancing a some of my own, it became evident that this island would become a must-see for all of my visitors (both friends and family alike!).

Bainbridge is one of the few islands that is accessible via ferry AND roadway. The short 20-30 minute ferry ride from the Seattle Ferry Terminal is sure to satisfy that Derek Shepherd touristy itch you’ve all been fighting. Upon docking on the island, exit left onto Winslow Way E. and enjoy a beautiful 5-10 minute stroll south to downtown Bainbridge. You’ll be thrilled to find several small shops, including bakeries, boutiques and book stores. Be sure to stop by Petit & Olson and say hello to Sadie for me! Some of my personal favorites on the strip are Blackbird BakerySalthouse Mercantile, and Dana’s Showhouse. If the ocean has you craving seafood, head over to The Harbour Public House for a great view of the sailboat infested marina. Their salmon chowder is TO DIE FOR and they offer a wonderful selection of local-state beers.


Sadie and Anna were truly a god-send throughout my time in Seattle. Their generosity reached past showing me around their home to actually inviting me into them. Considering I could not be home with family for Thanksgiving or Christmas, it meant the world to me (and mamma Amy) to spend both holidays with the Carsons. They quickly became friends who felt more like family. We cooked way too much food, circled up for team inspired games and took turns sharing what we were most thankful for-mine was easily having a place and a group of people to “home” for the holidays.


Thanksgiving 2017

Christmas 2017

Every now and again, the sun peaks out from behind the clouds on the island and when it does you take full advantage. If you want to see Puget Sound up close and personal, Fay Bainbridge Park is a great place to start. Anna was sure to include this small beachside park in our tour and it was a memorable stop for sure! The scenery just begs for a photo-op, which Anna was sure to take advantage of. Before I knew it, she was snapping away!

  • SIDEBAR: To anyone living or moving to the Seattle/Bainbridge area, be sure to hit up Anna for all of your photography needs. She’s incredibly talented and has a passion for capturing you and your family at their best! Contact her via Instagram: Anna Carson Photography

On Christmas day, as mentioned previously, I was fortunate enough to make it back to Bainbridge Island to celebrate my favorite holiday with the Carsons. Prior to filling our bellies with a delicious dinner, we decided to enjoy the fresh layer of snow and walk off some calories. Tucked away in the deep woods of the island is the Grand Forest, a beautiful dog-friendly simple trail that just begs to be admired by all that pass her by.

In all, my trips to Bainbridge felt like a quiet magical island getaway from the busy bustling city. I will not ever be able to thank the Carson family for taking me in as they did. Their graciousness was the greatest holiday gift I could’ve asked for. Should you get the chance to visit Seattle, definitely take a day trip across the Sound-it’s worth it.


Happy Travels,


Danko & Ragan

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