The Evergreen State: Seattle

In this post, I’ll cover the best eateries in the city we often think of when referring to the state of Washington: Seattle. I lived and worked in Tacoma, a smaller city just southwest of Seattle but luckily I had a close college friend who lived in CapHill. She is the one I must thank for the out of the box, non-tourist experience I now cherish and gladly pass along to y’all (shoutout to my girl Sadie!). Whether we were enjoying a drink at our favorite, RGBs, or walking our pups around the neighborhood, time spent in the city with my dear friend was never time wasted. Because of her open invitation to the most adorable antiquated apartment, I was able to rack up a pretty solid list of restaurants throughout my eight month stent. Let’s dig in, shall we!


One of the very first places we ate at in Seattle was a little italian eatery in the heart of CapHill called Artusi. On Sundays and Mondays they have “pasta night”, offering your choice of two pasta dishes and a bottle of wine for $35. I’m not sure if it was the hype of finally being in Seattle or the wine, but the Potato Gnocchi was like heaven in your mouth!

As I mentioned above, RGB or Rachel’s Ginger Beer was a staple. Sadie doesn’t have a car, (they’re not a necessity in Seattle), which usually meant we met at places within walking distance to her apartment. RGB easily fell into this category! They have a great happy hour not to mention, growlers of non-alcoholic ginger beer mix for resale. My pick of the poison was always the El Diablo or the Original Moscow Mule. Between the Cajun fries from Sunset Fried Chicken and the airy atmosphere, we had no trouble making this our regular spot.

If you didn’t catch us at RGB, you might find us sipping margs at Poquitos and sharing the salsa trio or guac. The atmosphere is extremely laid back, with fire pits lighting individual tables and windowed garage doors that are typically raised when the weather permits. If you love mexican food, this place is for you!


Additional quick bites that I had the chance to try:

  • Eltana– equivalent to Panera Bread but with the option to choose multiple assorted bagel halves with decadent cream cheese varieties.
  • Rhein Haus– an authentic German bier hall with brats and delicious pretzels (I remember we went during a big football game with friends and shared a pitcher)
  • Lost Lake Cafe– open 24 hours/day serving all types of American specialties, including an all day breakfast menu.
  • Great State Burger– trendy little joint with delicious burgers that highlight a special sauce and also the local cheap beer on tap, Rainier.
  • Dick’s Drive-In– BEST LATE NIGHT BURGER in town! I knew it wasn’t the alcohol talking because we stood in line outside in the cold for 15 minutes waiting to order.
  • Cupcake Royale– treat yourself to an ice cream sandwich, cupcake or doughnut. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re in the mood for a late night drink, check out the following:

  • Tavern Law– a sophisticated, vintage restaurant with a prohibition vibe. The drinks were strong and the food was delicious.
    • *hint- pick up the seemingly random rotary phone adjacent to the big black bolted door and see where it might lead!
  • Optimism Brewery– If you’ve ever been to Cahaba Brewing Co. in Birmingham, AL, this brewery could be its twin. It nails the open concept with a great outdoor space, right in the heart of Seattle. We had vanilla bean beer floats in support of a local PTA fundraiser that were surprisingly delicious!
Vanilla Bean Beer floats at Optimism with Sadie
  • Unicorn– I can still remember the first time Sadie took me to Unicorn; I felt like I’d tripped and fallen into the colorful world of Alice & Wonderland. This two-story bar features an eclectic drink menu with options as rare as a unicorn sighting. In keeping with the theme, I’d encourage you to try something new! Order the Capri Sun, a grown up twist on a childhood favorite, or the Fruit Loop inspired, Cereal Killer.
  • The Pine Box– The back story was enough to get me through the door for this one. The building was originally a mortuary/funeral home in the 1920’s. The bar and most of the tables are even made of reclaimed oak from coffins left behind after the closure. But don’t get buried in the somber back story, the beer menu is sure to have something that will liven you up!
  • Flatstick Pub– If you love mini-golf and beer, this is the place for you! The rotating taps feature only Washington brewed beers plus they’re dog friendly, so Danko was always welcome!
  • Chop Suey– If you’re looking for a place to dance the night away, try this out. But be warned, it’s filled with twenty somethings drinking cheap liquor and dancing to Drake..unless you’re me falling asleep in the corner because it’s way past your bedtime.
  • Grim’s Provisions & Spirits– Enjoy a drink downstairs at one of the many family style dining tables before heading upstairs to twerk your way around the dance floor. Once the DJ gets started, you won’t wanna slow down for fear of feeling the building sway.

Although it appears that I only ate/drank my way through Seattle, I can promise that the city has much more to offer than belly aches and booze. Stay tuned for more on one of my favorite cities in the PNW!


Happy Travels,


Ragan & Danko



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