The Evergreen State

Washington: they don’t call it the evergreen state for nothing! I can honestly say that the 42nd state cultivates the spirit of diversity in every way. From the landscape to the weather to even those who fill each home, you never really know what you’re in for until you’re already knee-deep. In all, I lived in Washington for a total of eight months which allowed me to enjoy both the spoils of summer as well as the long hazy winter. Fortunately, I spent time on both the east and west side which broadened my possibilities to explore exponentially.  During the first three months alone, I visited two national parks, attended three concerts, hiked six different trails and crossed the border into Canada! I pushed my boundaries, and often times my parent’s sanity, exploring all that the west coast has to offer.

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Mt. Rainier National Park
Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

Thanks to Twilight and Grey’s Anatomy, most imagine days filled with endless rain, ferry rides through Puget Sound and folks who drink coffee as if it’s water when the PNW comes to mind. And while I did notice coffee is preferred over H2O, most conceptions are simply misconceptions. For example, the amount of precipitation. Yes, the pacific northwest does get their fair share of rain (and then some) but truthfully, the weather from June to September is simply delightful! Ask any local how they fare living through the winter, and most of the time the response will be something to the effect of, “the summer months make up for dreary winters.”

And it’s true, the best kept secret of every pacific northwesterner is the effortless beauty of the PNW throughout the Summer and Fall.

Between the mountainous national parks, dark sanded beaches and bustling Seattle city streets, you can’t go wrong with choosing Washington as your next vacation spot! It’s a place I can promise your heart and mind won’t ever allow you to simply forget. Each blog post will highlight my travels within different areas of Washington, including Seattle, Leavenworth, Spokane and both Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park. So pack your bags and join Danko and I as we unpack both the highs, as well as the lows, during our time in the evergreen state!

Granite Mountain Trail – North Bend, Washington


Happy Travels,


Ragan and Danko

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