Why Travel?

I recently took a solo-cation to Zion National Park in Utah. If you don’t know what a solo-cation is that’s because I made it up. Don’t worry, it’s simple enough to decipher-it’s a solo vacation. Everyone should try it because nothing cures the monotony of life better than a few days of spotty cell service and the great outdoors. Regardless, I always meet people on these adventurous solocations. They inevitably ask if I’m traveling alone and I often have to weigh whether or not to answer honestly. For instance, creepy bar tender twice my age giving off the Hannibal Lecter vibe-No I’m here with my parents who couldn’t handle the hike. Sweet elderly couple genuinely interested in my travels-Yes I am because I wouldn’t be my father’s daughter if I let traveling alone stop me. Nevertheless, while at Zion, several befriended strangers asked if I had a blog they could follow along with. To be honest, I had breifly considered starting one but not seriously. The last thing I wanted to do was lump myself into the proverbial generation of millennials who broadcast every aspect of their lives from their breakups to brushing their teeth. But then I thought about each travel assignment and solocation I’ve had the opportunity to experience since starting this venture as a travel nurse and without hesitation, blog worthy material came to mind.

I’ve seen monuments of our great nation’s history that stir a sense of pride from within and canyons surrounded by towering vibrant iron filled red rocks. I’ve stood below sky-scraping mountains capped with fresh snow and oceans filled with strong ice-cold tides. I’ve bookmarked some of the most remarkable joy-filled days but equally as many littered with scars from life lessons learned. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary people as well as some tolerable ones.

With each new home away from home, I’ve had the opportunity to push past the vacation phase and really dive into living like a local.

In all, traveling has been quite easily the best, yet, most difficult decision I’ve ever made. With that in mind, I  want to invite you to consider this: how much more would you enjoy your next vacation if you could really “dive in?”

My hope for this blog is that it will help you answer the question I’m often asked; “Why travel?” Simple: the world is a big, scary, beautiful place and it’s just waiting for you to experience it, breathe it all in.  The blog posts that follow will be a play by play of my travels. Each post will focus on a new destination, outlining my recommended eateries/breweries, activities, and local favorites. I like to call them my Scenic Cliff Notes.


Happy travels,

Ragan Spinks


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