The District: Part III

For those of you just joining in, welcome! I would suggest you refer back to my home page and read through The District: Part I and Part II prior to continuing. You’ll get way more out of Part III if you have some back story, I promise.

For all others following along, welcome back! The District Part III will highlight some of my favorite restaurants and night-life hotspots. Ladies strap on your heels and gentlemen practice your favorite pick-up line ’cause we’re jumping right in!



Without hesitation, I could easily name dozens of venues with great drinks and delicious food that you must try inside and outside the Capital. But just to mix it up, I think I’ll give you a mouth-watering itinerary with meal-by-meal experiences that complement one another.  

You MUST start off with breakfast at Farmers Fishers Bakers, an eclectic serve yourself eatery on the harbour banks of the Potomac River. The $32/person endless buffet includes brunch specialties that range anywhere from breakfast jambalaya to pork tacos. From the classic Bloody Mary to the Ramos Gin fizz, you can’t go wrong with adding a drink to your order. Take note that the buffet only applies to weekends, Saturday-Sunday 9am to 2pm. But not to worry, on weekdays you can catch their regular menu, which is also to die for. Be sure to leave room for lunch because it’s a personal favorite!

Once you finish up, catch an Uber to Virtue Feed & Grain in Old Town Alexandria. It’s a quick 20 minute ride on a good day and well worth the trip! Between the old brick-paver streets and the waterfront, there are plenty of opportunities to shop around before you settle in for lunch so take full advantage. Virtue Feed & Grain was my “go to” breakfast joint on the weekends as well as my bumble date suggestion time and time again. Whether you hit them up for brunch or lunch, you can’t go wrong. They have a great outdoor area for you to enjoy in the spring but if it’s hot fight for a couple of seats inside, preferably upstairs.

  • Brunch suggestions:
    • Mimosas ($3.00 refills)
    • Chesapeake Benedict
    • Skillet Scrambled Eggs
  • Lunch suggestions:
    • Blackberry Sage Mule
    • Steak & Fries
    • Fish Tacos
    • Pan Seared Salmon

Now if you foodies still have room for dinner, get ready because this next place is a D.C. classic. It channels your inner Don Draper, with the woodtop bar and congressmen galore – Old Ebbitt Grill  is a MUST. This restaurant is overflowing with history, coining itself as an iconic hangout for some of our most influential presidents including Grant, Hoover and even Roosevelt. Despite it’s clouded history of being uprooted and relocated, it’s maintained some of the original pieces since being founded in 1856. For example, you’ll notice an antique clock above the entrance of the rotating door-you’re looking at an original folks. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with your order here. They have some of the most basic drinks as well as delicious food pairings.

Once you’re done with dinner, I’d suggest taking a short two block stroll to the front of the White House for a photo-op. But wait! Your night isn’t over yet!! Make your way back toward Old Ebbitt Grill to the POV rooftop bar and lounge. The POV (short for Point of view) is a little known secret to all the locals. Good news is you’re dressed appropriately because this joint has a dress code. No hats, athlesiure or flip-flops allowed. Typically I wouldn’t consider the POV my scene but when you wanna channel your inner Beyoncé, this is the place. You’re so close to the white house that you may witness the president landing the chopper on the back lawn (yes, that actually happened). But whether you see the leader of the free world or not, this place cannot be overlooked. After you finish your drinks at the POV, make your way back home so you can enjoy a good nights sleep and another day of activities in our lovely Capital.


For more food/drink and activity suggestions, refer to my brief list below:

  • Navy Yard:
    • Bluejacket Brewery – what can I say, I love beer.
    • Catch a game at Nationals Park but make sure you stop by The Bullpen prior to the first pitch!
    • If it’s summertime, catch a movie in Yards Park (only offered June-August Yard Park Movies)
    • Put away the phones and walk the riverfront boardwalk at sunset!
  • Old Town:
  • Del Ray: FYI these are some of my absolute favorites because they were within walking distance to my little apartment!
    • #1 breakfast spot close to home (mostly because I could run off the calories prior to arriving) The Junction Bakery
    • Mexican is ALWAYS a must no matter where I am. Taqueria Poblano was a personal favorite as well as a guest favorite.
    • Another guest favorite, Delray Pizzeria DRP for short. Order the Smokin’ Hot Chick and pop a Tums!
    • If you’re looking for a night-cap, use the left side entrance into the basement of Evening Star Cafe where you’ll find the Majestic Lounge, a small bar with a speak easy vibe.

Happy exploring friends, and as always, update me with any new and exciting places you experience!


Happy Travels,

Ragan and Danko


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