The District: Part I

My first assignment as a travel nurse was basically a huge practice test. I chose Washington, D.C. for my maiden voyage! Looking back, I realize I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. Thankfully, sweet Jesus in heaven took good care of me as He always does.

Full disclosure, it started off a bit rocky-I thought I had secured housing only to find out a few days prior to leaving home that a complete stranger had conned me out of three months rent for a unit they pretended to own. This was a huge embarrassment not to mention a massive $5,000 bummer, right? I know-you’re thinking, “how could you be so gullible?” Trust me I wish I weren’t, but it’s a character flaw I’ve always possessed and continue to work on. Now, I know that most of the human race does not struggle with being overly trusting as I do, but for those of you who do, let me take a second and say this:

*IF you traveling for extended periods, be very cautious when using Craigslist. Since this event, I have only used Airbnb or VRBO and have had wonderful experiences with both.

Despite the rough start, I remained optimistic! After three grueling days of searching, my mom and I were able to find the cutest one bedroom apartment in a small suburb of  Alexandria, Virginia called Del Ray. I wasn’t in the big city but it was just a short seven mile drive to work at Georgetown University Hospital and it was truly a Godsend. I had a place, I had a job and I had three months to re-educate myself on all that I had learned about our great nation in grade school.

Now, in order to cover all that I experienced in my short three months in Washington, D.C., I am going to break this up for you. Each post on The District will touch on a few key details you’ll need to know prior to tackling the capital city. I promise to include specifics and links to help you in your planning but as always, feel free to reach out to me for additional questions! SO find that American spirit and strap on your comfy shoes ’cause we’re about to really make America great again!

Happy Travels,

Ragan and Danko

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